Creating a Festive Party on a Budget

For many companies corporate Christmas parties are something outside of the company budget. If the employees want a party they have to find a way to fund it either by everyone chipping in or setting up a fund that will be used for a variety of different things-parties, birthdays, flowers, and much more.

That means everything that is connected to the company Christmas party will have budgetary concerns, but in some ways those are the best parties because it gives everyone an opportunity to look through everything before they make a decision.

The Christmas party that is planned around a budget is often more spectacular than one that has no budget constraints. One reason for that is because the party planners must take the time to look for bargains rather than just pick up the first things they see. It is important to research, price and compare before making a final decision. It seems so easy to select the first thing that looks appropriate, but is it really? You may not take the time to really find the prettiest or best of the group when you have no budget and many people who shop without a budget tend to think the highest priced item is the best.

Your corporate Christmas party will not be complete without a Christmas tree and Christmas theming. Whether you are going to have it in the office or at a unique venue you want to make it the most beautiful you can.

Select the most important items from your list first; there may be some items you will not be able to find without spending a little bit of extra money. It’s better to choose those items that are mandatory and see how much money you have left for the optional Christmas party items.

The catering is another priority for any office Christmas party, but when there are budget constraints it may be easier to ask each person to make something instead of trying to collect money from each person.

Even if you have a fund donated by attendees it may not cover the entire cost, but taking time out to make things for the party, even the Christmas theming can be a great deal of fun. Some people really get into making things for the office Christmas party, so don’t hesitate to ask all of the people in your company or department and do it early enough to give them time to do what they would really like to do.

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