Make Your Holiday Party Memorable

December has long been a month for parties and party going. And with more and more people hosting their own holiday party they can sometimes start to run together. There’s the office party, the neighborhood block party, the relatives, friends, and then don’t forget about New Years Eve (often the biggest party of the year). And somewhere in that mix of seasonal party spirit you might just want to host your very own holiday festivities. If so, you’ll want to make sure your holiday party is a memorable one.

But before you go Buy Party Supplies, start by taking tips from some of the worlds biggest party planners. President Bob Parsons is notorious for being over the top. From racy Super Bowl ads to aggressive sponsorship opportunities Parsons doesn’t shy away from seizing the moment and making a big deal out of everything he does. So why should it be any different when he throws his annual Christmas party for employees. This season GoDaddy went as lavish as ever, hosting their annual gala for the second year in a row at Chase Field (home of the Arizona Diamondbacks) for the second year in a row. GoDaddy settled on a carnival theme for this years event complete with bumper cars, giant carousel, boardwalk style gaming and a stage show by some of rock’s legends including Jewel, George Thorogood, and ZZ Top. The “party” included over 6000 guests and Parsons even paid airfare and lodging accommodations for out of town GoDaddy employees to attend. Now that is one company Christmas party everyone is bound to talk about all year, and not because Jane got drunk and hooked up with Mark next to the water cooler.

Another holiday party I recently attended was held for one of the nation’s largest home builders. Even after a down year marked by layoffs and record lows for home sales these guys knew how to put on a party. Although nothing near the festival GoDaddy hosted, this office party was an elegant masquerade affair where guests were asked to dress formal and don their choice of quality mardi gras style mask at the door. The high quality masks were handcrafted from velvets, peacock feathers, and accented with jewels and exquisite artwork. The unique Party Supply idea was a big hit, and everyone seemed to capture the moment.

While drastically different in cost and style, these two parties shared one important aspect of any successful party. They both had a well developed and unique theme. The most memorable parties are always theme parties, where guests can escape reality and spend a few hours in an alternate world free from the worries and stresses of day to day life. Whether it’s a time period party such as 80’s night, or a participatory theme such as come dressed as your favorite book or television character, everyone enjoys being a part of the party and not just a guest. Start with a theme and determine how you can get your attendees to join in on the fun.

You don’t have to break the bank to host a memorable party event either. Once you have a theme in mind start shopping for supplies to create the ambiance. You can’t ask your guests to buy into a particular theme or style if you don’t yourself. Setting the mood will help make sure everyone participates and enjoys the party atmosphere. Creating the right atmosphere doesn’t have to cost a lot though. Set a budget and try searching for Discount Party Supplies online or at your local store. Streamers and balloons are low cost ways to add design to any party.

Holiday parties are a great way to reflect on the year past, and celebrate the new year with friends, family, and colleagues. If you plan on hosting your own holiday party this year keep these simple tips in mind, be prepared, and most of all have fun. After all, parties are all about having fun. Happy holidays!

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This article is written by Jayson Bailey.

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